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Variegated Rubber Plant Miami

Variegated Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant, Variegated Rubber Tree, Variegated Rubber Fig, Ficus Robusta, Ficus Ruby, Variegated FIcus Elastica 

  • One of my favorite houseplants is the Variegated Rubber Plant because of its sturdy leaves, versatility and amazing foliage. This variety is a showtopper compared to the regular rubber plant, with its combination of pink, cream, and green patterns however they are both equally amazing if your starting off your houseplant collection. This plant can double as a colorful houseplant or a huge tree if planted in the ground. No matter where you keep this stunning plant, it is sure to grab anyones attention. The best part about them besides their foliage is that there are easily propagated from cuttings!

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