5 Tips To Get Your Dream Garden Started

March 10, 2018


Some people come to the nursery and have absolutely no idea how to start designing their garden. 


With so many options,

how do you know which plant will work best for you? 


At first, you might of thought you were into a lush tropical garden with bromeliads and Heliconias, but then you come across a beautiful garden on Pinterest with cactus and agaves

and start thinking

"Maybe I've should've gone with a more modern look."  


we get customers everyday trying to figure out, 

"Where do i start?"


 Here at Lighthouse Garden Center we are all about helping you achieve your dream garden. 

so we've come up with a few tips to help you do just that... start. 




inspiration is everywhere 

The best part about living in south florida  is that you can be inspired to start building your dream garden just by looking around!

 with such great weather, the plant options are endless. 

Once you begin to notice how plants look and behave in certain areas it will help you get an idea of how you can use that plant in your garden.  

So no matter where you are, start to notice the beauty that is around you and be inspired.




Get inspired by that house you can't help but look at on your way home from work. 




from the amazing ficus lyrata  you see when you go to the bank. 




Even at the gas station there is inspiration to be found.

You just have to start noticing it. 







Do some research 

 Nothing sucks more then falling in love with a certain plant only to find out it might not be the perfect plant for you. 


When coming across a noteworthy plant, ask yourself these questions: 


Is it exposed to full sun or is it in a shady area?

How big will this plant get? 

how much water does it need? 


It always helps to know a little bit about the plant before you start to plan your whole garden around it. 



Plants need love too! 


Every plant needs water!

Of course there are plants that are drought tolerant and can survive days, even weeks without water but just like people, dogs or any living thing,

plants need water and food. 



Trial & Error 

Your perfect garden will not happen over night and 

You will kill a plant or two, or three along the way. 


Remember that there is no such thing as having a green thumb, 

 just people who had the patience to learn from their mistakes. 


there are so many factors that go into what makes a plant happy.

  just like people some require more attention than others and some are better off left alone.  its just about taking the time to pay attention to their needs and learning from it.  



enjoy the process 


Plants are food for the soul. 

they can heal, fill the room with sweet fragrances and even purify the air.

but most importantly they can make you happy. 

I know it will bring you nothing but joy to watch your plants grow and change with the seasons just like you do.


so if your still trying to figure out where to start


just go with what you love. 


There are no rules for your garden style,

just plant whatever appeals to you and have fun. 

Here are a few pictures of gardens i've come across while stuck in traffic, or on my way to work that have inspired me. 



Serissa Hedge 




Staghorn Ferns


Bromeliad Imperialis







































Today Tomorrow 


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