The Benefits of Fragrant Flowers!

May 1, 2018

Our sense of smell is linked to the part of our brains that help control our mood, emotions and memory. 

Certain smells, like jasmine, can have an uplifting effect on our minds that makes us feel happier and even arouse feelings of romance. 


So why not plant something fragrant

and boost your mood!

Inspire emotions and create memories that you will remember every time you smell something AMAZING! 


And whenever you hear someone say "Stop and smell the flowers."

 actually stop and be happy :) 


here is a list of some of our favorite fragrant flowers and plants that everyone should have at least one of! 



Besides making you feel better about life in general with its relaxing effects, jasmines are often used for medicinal purposes as well.


Here are a few of our favorite fragrant jasmines. 


 Night Blooming Jasmine 


night Blooming Jasmine will bloom on and off all year round and even more in the warmer in months.






It does best in full sun or partial shade and will have a light fragrance during the day and even stronger fragrance at night. 






 Jasmine Grand duke 

 Jasmine Grand Duke is one of my favorite variety of Jasmines. 



Their flowers look like mini gardenias and they smell just as sweet even as the flowers begin to wilt. 





Jasmine Grand Duke has a slow growth rate but can reach up to 

6 - 8 feet tall.  









Jasmine Sambac 


The sweet smelling jasmine sambac has a fast growth rate with flowers that bloom on and off all year round . They can reach up to 6 feet in height and up to 4 feet wide. 



































 Confederate Jasmine 


The south florida favorite confederate Jasmine can tolerate full sun to partial shade, but will flower more with full sun exposure. 


 Madagascar Jasmine


Also known as Stephanotis floribunda.

It is a slow growing vine that blooms from spring to summer tube like clusters of fragrant white flowers.



Lady of the Night 

Similar to night blooming jasmine, lady of the night will begin to release a fragrance late in the day and early in to the morning  



Commonly found as a tree or a shrub, their white tube like flowers appear more in the warmer months. 




Dwarf Tree jasmine


also known as Jasmine radermachera is a small tree or shrub that gives off a strong, sweet fragrance throughout the day and even stronger at night. 


They will flower on and off throughout the year, and even more during warmer months. 










Butterfly Ginger



It's no wonder why they're called butterfly ginger. 



Their flowers look  just like butterflies!








They range in color from white, yellow and orange. all gorgeous and fragrant. 


















If your looking for a flower with a strong fragrance look no further than gardenias.







Although some may find them a little  temperamental, the most important thing is finding the perfect spot for them that they"ll love.


Ideally a space where the soil is highly acidic. 






Gardenias will bloom from spring throughout summer and  on and off during the warmer months. 








Also known as Plumeria, Frangipani is a beautiful tree that can grow up to 20 feet. 








Their flowers range in color from pink, yellow, white and red.








Although they become completely bare during colder months, this tropical tree returns with their beautiful flowers and leaves in spring and in the warmer months.   



Angel Trumpet 

Another eye-catching fragrant flowering tree that is a must have,  is Angel Trumpet. 

Although this plant is dangerously toxic if ingested, it is totally worth having in your garden if your kids aren't prone to eating gorgeous flowers. 



 In addition to being flavorful, herbs contain numerous health benefits that have been used for centuries to help heal.


Here are a few of our favorite herbs that we carry!




Besides tasting delicious with olive oil or lamb.  rosemary has been used for centuries as a powerful essential oil. 



it is said that the rosemary can even help improve memory! 





Not only are they great in mojitos, they're even better for your sore throat, ingestion and gas






This delicious herb packs

a bunch of anti oxidants that help fight a number of different diseases. 





Common rue, also known as ruda, is often used for tea to treat indigestion.  


Rue plant is a little toxic, so it should only be ingested in small doses.  




Trying to get a good night sleep? lavender can help with that. 

Lavender has relaxing effects that not only help you fall asleep but can also help relieve headaches. 


Did we also mention you can use them to make great cocktails!


 We are always updating our selection of plants, so if you are looking for a particular fragrant flower or herb that is not listed above,

just email us or give us a call! 













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