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Pet Friendly Plants

If there were two things i could never live without it would be Clyde and plants.

Sometimes its hard to combine the best of both worlds when the two things you love can't be in the same room.

Luckily there are few plants that allow you to keep the two things you love in the same place

Here is our list of the 10 plants we carry that are non-toxic to your curious companions and are perfect for your home or garden.



Peperomia is a great low maintenance house plant to have if your pet is used to eating anything and everything when you're not around.

They are perfect for small areas since they do not need much room to grow and they purify the air.

If you are using peperomia outdoors, then they can tolerate partial sun to full shade. They are a great ground cover that will grow no more than than 12 inches high.


Spider Plant

another great air purifying plant that is not harmful to your pet is the spider plant. IF you've been looking for the perfect pet friendly hanging plant, then this is definitely the best.

Spider Plants like to like to stay relatively moist but don't mind if you forget every once in a while.


Staghorn Fern

Staghorn fern is another one of my favorite plants, even though I probably say that about most plants.

They are epiphytes which means they can grow onto other plants, trees or wooden surfaces. This is a great option if your want to replace a picture on your wall with a plant instead!



Blood leaf also known as Iresine is commonly used as sun-loving outdoor plant here in florida, but it can also be used as a houseplant in an area with high light and some humidity.

if your looking to add some color to your garden without harming your pet, this is another great option.


Butterfly Ginger

Every garden should have at least one fragrant flower in their garden, so having one that is not harmful to your pets is a win-win.

Although Butterfly Ginger is native to India, it is also known as the national flower of Cuba,

"Mariposa" as it's also called, which means butterfly in Spanish.



Calathea for some may not be the easiest houseplant to care for but its unique foliage is definitely worth having in your home.

This lovely air purifying plant comes in many varieties which are all perfect indoors or outdoors exposed to partial sun to full shade



Petunias are lovely, sun-loving annuals that come in wide variety of colors, from purple, pink, white, to red. They are perfect as a bedding plant, container plant or as a ground cover.



Plumbago has been a South Florida favorite for quite some time, mostly because of their beautiful blue flowers which bloom on and off throughout the year.

. They can tolerate full sun to partial shade, and as a bonus they even attract butterflies!


Lady Palm

Lady palms are great clustering palms that will work indoors or outdoors.

These slow growing palms can tolerate sun but will maintain their dark green leaves in the shade.

Lady Palms are a south florida favorite because of their ability to adapt to a wide range of climates



Crossandra can be considered as both an annual and perennial depending on where you live. These sun loving plants not only attract butterflies

but they bloom pretty much on and off throughout the year.

If you decide to keep your crossandra plant indoors make sure it's getting enough light.

Of course there a many more plants we carry that are safe for your furry friends but our list compiles some of our favorites.

If you would like to see a full list of both toxic and non-toxic plants for cats and dogs, check out the list on the ASPC ( The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ) website.

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