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Alternatives to Grass; Our Top 10 Ground Covers!

Growing and maintaining your grass can be frustrating.

Whether its having to maintain a large area where the grass seems to grow an inch every time you turn around


for some reason you just can't seem to get the grass to grow at all.

Luckily, there are some plants that are just like grass with half the hassle and even more appealing.

Here is a list of all the ground covers we carry that are great alternatives to grass:

1. Peanut Plant

Peanut plant

Peanut plant makes the top of our list because it is a South Florida favorite.

Once established these sun loving ground covers will take over any area where grass was unable to get the job done.

They grow at a moderate rate With peanut like yellow flowers that appear on and off throughout the year.

2.Blue daze

Blue Daze

One of my personal favorite ground covers is Blue Daze, also known as Evolvulus Glomeratus. This beautiful blue flowering ground cover does best in full sun to partial shade and will grow no more than a foot tall.

Blue Daze will bloom on and off throughout the year and even more in the warmer months.

3. baby sunrose

Baby Sunrose

Baby Sunrose is another perfect flowering ground cover to thrive in pretty much any area with full sun or partial shade. They bloom either pink or yellow flowers on and off throughout the year, but will flower more in full sun and in the warmer months. they are also great container plants or for hanging baskets.

4. Pilea Microphylla

Pilea Microphylla

There are many varieties of Pilea that can be used as a ground cover but this one is the best if your looking to cover a large area that has partial sun or full shade.

Pilea Mycrophylla is a fast growing ground cover that will grow no more than a foot tall and spread about two feet wide.

5. Ajuga


Ajuga will top anyones list of one of the best ground covers for shady areas because of its ability to maintain such beautiful colors without any sun.

Partial sun to full shade will work best for Ajuga and if your grass wasn't growing because of lack of sun than Ajuga will definitely get that area covered in no time.

6. Purslane


For some Purslane also known as Portulaca can be seen as a weed but for others it is a beautiful showy ground cover with flowers that open up during the day and close as the sun sets.

This sun loving annual comes in a variety of vibrant colors

and attracts butterflies!

7. Peperomia


Peperomias are mostly known for being the perfect houseplant for small spaces but it can also be a great ground cover for partial sun to full shade.

Although they do not grow as fast as most ground covers these low maintenance plants will thrive in a dry, shady area and they come in a variety of colors.

8. Alternanthera Snowball

Alternanthera Snowball

Another great ground cover that is not as common as it should be is,

Alternanthera Snowball.

They have a moderate growth rate, are great for full sun to partial shade, and bloom very small white flowers on and off throughout the year.

9. Sedum Lemon Coral

Sedum Lemon Coral

If your looking for a ground cover that thrives in a dry, sunny area, and has low water needs than Sedum Lemon Coral should be on the top of your list.

Sedums are also known as stonecrop because of their ability to grow over rocks and stony ledges.

10. Juniper Parsoni

Junper Parsoni

Juniper Parsoni may be last on the list but it is definitely one of the hardiest ground covers for full sun. Although they can reach about 2 feet, which is a little higher than most of our ground covers listed, it is still the most drought tolerant out of them all once well established.

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