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Florida Native Plants

Native plants are plants that have developed naturally prior to

human impact or environmental changes in an area.

Passion Flower Maypop Vine

If you're looking to help the environment and have plants that flourish in florida's conditions, then florida native plants are the perfect choice.

Bignonia Capreolata - Crossvine

Florida native plants are plants that adapt and thrive in Florida's weather conditions, soil and moisture.


Florida native plants benefit florida's wildlife by

complimenting each others needs.


By providing nectar and pollen

for bees and butterflies


food for hummingbirds,


native plants help sustain

florida's habitat.


Many of Florida's native plants are native to other regions as well.

like coontie,

which is also native to cuba and the Bahamas.

Sea Grape

Even though these plants are native to Florida, doesn't mean they are less susceptible to unwanted pest or require less care.

Like all plants, they need to be well established before they can do without being watered regularly.


Luckily, the best part about Florida is that we are able to plant such a large variety of plants that are not only good for the environment,

but also a joy to have in your garden.

Looking for a complete list of Florida native plants?

Check out the Florida Native Plant Society's website

for a full list of all Florida native plants

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